Modern times

A modern and technologically advanced pole boasting 2000sqm of offices, logistics and a latest generation Vault 3000sqm. The different floors of this new organizational structure have been designed with a view to optimizing services and a welcome approach agreeable even in Visual impact. The areas dedicated to land transport and sea \ air, together with those dealing with customs and business start-up, interact through the ability to work in team stimulated by the adoption of open space and large meeting room. The headquarters of Novazzano manages, in addition to supporting activities, a number of special services:

  • food storage with rodent intrusion technical devices
  • refrigerator at controlled temperature
  • CITES service (aut. Min. import/export-protected animals Rome-Bern)
  • INTRASTAT Service
  • ministerial authorizations service Rome
  • customs consultancy-Italian and Swiss customs
  • fiscal representation service-EU
  • service openings Bank loans
  • service VAT refunds-VAT Office Berne
  • express services dedicated to any destination
  • inventory and freight insurance service