Not only Space

Quality & Controls

Integrated logistics that can be handled at the site of Novazzano with a deposit of 3000 square meters and other Swiss dedicated terminal. Extreme collaboration with the Poles in the Italian territory (Como, Cernobbio and Woking) totaling more than 15,000 square meters and 20,000 pallet places. Within the monitored security systems, best equipped structures, work qualified staff who organises and manages the various logistics services with a specialization in management of different types of production, storage and distribution.  The offer is completed with additional services such as:

  • Quality controls
  • Packaging
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Labeling and repackaging products
  • Document management and administration online goods stock
  • Punching jewelry c/o precious metal control Chiasso
  • Spoiled goods and travellers insurance
  • P.O.D. proof of delivery
  • Deliveries C.O. D
  • Returns under the T1/T2, customs clearance and step cards

Design & Monitoring

Through a careful analysis Bianchi Group provides its customers with essential support for outsourcing their storage and distribution activities. Each task is customized in its entirety thanks to a thorough mapping of flows, both of goods and process, and supported by custom computer systems or simple EDI exchanges to ensure complete traceability and efficiency. Constant optimisation of spaces and resources will ensure a high level of service and a simple and efficient cost control enabling customers to focus resources in the development of their core business. The trend towards continuous improvement drives the Bianchi Group at the relentless pursuit of quality by proposing new operational and management solutions that are monitored with precision.