Custody of excellence

Bianchi Novazzano has a vault of last generation that ensures the housing on site for goods and valuable goods of the highest value. Unlike a normal safe, albeit important dimensions, the vaults are an integral part of the building built in 2005 and has very thick bearing walls (reinforced with internal static armor) and one battleship capable of dealing with all kinds of risk. During the design of the room, battleship was made a thorough analysis of the risks that you studied only the threats posed by predatory crime (theft, robbery, etc) but also other potential disasters, such as natural disasters, accidents or terrorist attacks despite Switzerland has fortunately one “historical” to that effect. Particular attention was paid to the security perimeter and the entrances to the building that houses the vault. The same is also supported by a system of “active and dynamic security” which is based on modern detection technologies, active surveillance and bi-directional connections to private security and law enforcement power.